Crystal Healing The Ultimate Beginners Guide – ebook



Format: PDF E-Book
Pages: 76

Crystal healing has become more popular in recent years as people are trying to understand that there are indeed forces we may not be able to see, but that do work. Instead of relying on traditional treatments for minor issues, they are turning to nature to provide help and guidance. 

To use crystal healing you need to know what the different crystals are and how to use them. Each crystal works on a specific area of the body, and heals particular ailments, so you can’t just use any old piece of crystal and expect it to work. But now there is no need to fret, as this book contains all you need to know about crystals, the different ways to use them, and how to take care of them.

Crystals are more than just beautiful objects to admire. They contain positive energies that remove all the negative energy that surrounds you, therefore helping to make you happier and healthier. Learn how to harness this incredible energy and incorporate it into your life. Let this book show you how.

Included in the chapters of this book are:

How does crystal healing work?

Crystals everyone should have

How to choose your crystals

Identifying types of crystals

Crystal grids

Crystal guide to chakras

Which crystal for what ailment


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